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Friday, May 28, 2010

Task Avoidance

...a term we've used often around our house with one son in particular.

Today, (actually it's been a lot lately) it's me. I'm here, rather than doing the huge list of items on my to-do list.

It's so beautiful out today ... a welcome relief from the heat and humidity that we've been having the last several days.

Last week Matt and I spent quite a bit of time outside gardening. It's almost done now. I need to still get some plants and plant them and then get the mulch down. (I hate doing that job ... maybe I'll just not do it this year.) One day last week we went out too late and couldn't stay out too long because of the heat. In fact, when I came in, I was feeling sick. It was a good excuse to put off more yard work.

This past weekend was the first long weekend of the summer and it was gorgeous. We went up to the trailer at Jackson's Point and opened it. The rain that was supposed to keep us inside on Saturday never came so we were pretty happy with that. So, we had a nice, relaxing weekend.

We had a marathon game of Monopoly. It started at 8:30 in the evening and went until 12:20 a.m. when Spencer totally wiped everyone out. It's been a long time since I've played monopoly.

The boys spent a lot of time in their bedroom (also known lovingly as the "Brat Cave") playing video games. Still, we managed to lure them outside a few times.

Matt brought a whole case of his books on the World Wars and MacLean's Magazines. (I think it's like a security blanket for him ... he can't go far without them.)

We had to set aside some time to chat with Spencer about his impending decision on what university offer to accept. It's such a big decision.

So it was a fun weekend.

The big, breaking news is that Spencer finally decided on a University programme. He has decided to go to the University of Waterloo for Computer Science. He was given a couple of sholarships and one of them was for this programme so I don't know if that affected his decision or not. It's a co-op programme which is very cool. Now, he needs to decide on whether or not to stay in residence and which one he would like to stay in if he does ... by tonight! Sheesh! Talk about leaving things until the last minute!

OK, I need to stop avoiding my to-do list and get off here. I should head out to Costco to get some food for a family reunion tomorrow. ...now where did I put my costco card?


  1. It's really cool you have a place to take off to. I just have one question for you....how do you survive being in a house with 4 males? LOL

  2. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Great decision Spencer. U of Waterloo is where I attended, in Math/CS and co-op! And moved half way across the country attend. Stayed at Village 2 (I believe or 1, cannot remember it was that long ago) in North 5 for my first couple of terms, and found a co-op position at a local software company in Waterloo. Later in 2nd or 3rd year Lynn and I found an apartment together. Lots of great memories! I work just across the fence/parking lot from U of Waterloo. Sherrill is a graduate in Math from Waterloo as well. Great choice Spencer!

  3. aweseome that hes made a decision and i wish him all the very best of luck, i hope he has as much fun at Uni as i did :)

  4. Hi Barbara,
    I can sympathize with Spencer; choosing a course of study can be so intimidating, and it's so important! Daughter Rebecca seemed set on nursing, and now is seriously considering teaching. I know she will do fine, though, whatever she chooses. We're wishing Spencer well with his decision.

  5. @Tina
    you know, Tina, most of the time it's a blast. However, now that they are all getting older, I'm starting to feel like the odd man out. I've noticed that I've been wanting to just go out with the girls a lot more lately. I just need some extra estrogen once in a while.

  6. @Anonymous
    Hi Heather. Great to hear from you. John also went to Waterloo and was in the Actuarial Science Co-op programme. It's really a great way of doing university, and trying on the profession at the same time.

  7. @Jemma
    Hi Jemma. My boy is an intravert, so I'm sure the whole residence thing is a little scarey for him, but he's looking forward to it and I know he's going to love it.
    Me, on the other hand, I'm not looking forward to having him gone.

  8. @Joyce
    thanks Joyce. I know he's going to do just fine. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up changing his focus, however. ...and that's OK.

  9. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Hi Barb,
    I recall taking some ActSci courses at Waterloo, tough courses. I still have 1 of the textbooks here now - sick I know to hang on to it.
    Neat reply feature in your blog.

  10. @Anonymous
    I remember all too well the weeks and months John would spend studying before an exam. Smart guy, but why does he need to ask me where the milk is?
    I just came across a box of my old textbooks from college. I ended up throwing most of them away because they were all moldy and warped from water damage. Still, I kept a couple, I don't know why.


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