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Thursday, May 13, 2010

OK, people. I'm running out of blog topics. Help! tell me what I could blog about.

For today, I will share with you a list of some of my guilty pleasures ... at least the ones that I'm willing to admit to:
1. Chocolate. I know I don't need to explain this any further. Women all over the world understand.
2. Reality TV. I'm caught in the reality tv craze. While there's a lot of these shows I don't, and won't watch, there are a lot that I do. I love Dr. Phil (Is he considered reality TV?), real estate shows (I find myself yelling at the poeple on the TV telling them which house to buy.), all the court shows - especially Judge Judy (yes, it's true!), Amazing Race (my number one fav), American Idol, Super Nanny (I'm amazed that she doesn't just slap these parents upside the head), The Dog Whisperer, and all the Housewives shows (have you seen these ladies????? - if you can call them ladies!)
3. Junk Food - of all kinds - cookies, French Fries, pop, potato chips. Unfortunately I've been trying to eliminate them from my diet as I know the effect that it's having. It's just not fair.
4. Vampires!
5. The WWW! Do you know how much time I waste on this thing?
6. Chocolate Cookie dough - I know this should be with #3
7. Staying in my pjs all day
8. Scrapbooking - I only feel guilty when I should be cleaning or feeding my family instead
9. Sleeping in - doesn't happen near enough
10. Facebook - not my own, but my kids. I like reading theirs. I don't do anything with mine.
11. blogs - reading other people's. It makes me feel like a snoop.
12. Eating out.
13. Eating a whole bag of Salty Sweet Kettle Corn. OK, I know this should be with #3 too but somethings just need to have their own number.

I know I could come up with some more. Tell me, what are your guilty pleasures?

Check out this video from momservation.com. It made me laugh and say "Amen, Sista" a few times. Click on the link to see the video. I had to take it out because it was really slowing the blog down.

guilty pleasures

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  1. This is fun, Barbara. I may just copy you, since I haven't posted on my blog in about a month. :(

    I do enjoy playing word games with you on Facebook, even though you usually win. :P

    Let's see where we agree:
    1. chocolate - Yes! Dark chocolate, kind of bitter, is my favorite.
    2. With you on the WWW. Excellent.
    3. Ditto on the pjs, all day when possible.
    4. Facebook is so much fun, and yes, my kids' Facebook accounts are most entertaining.
    5. Blogs. Yours is perfect, one of the best, so just keep up the good posting!
    6. Eating out!

    I definitely need to copy this, and do a blog post already. :P


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