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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sometimes the smallest things make me happy.

I've long been very jealous of Joyce and Barb and how they can reply to comments left on their blogs by email. They have Typepad blogs (I think) which allows this feature. It's always so nice to receive an email reply after I've left a comment on their blog. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't have that feature.

After searching around this morning (while I was avoiding other tasks again) I found this site which showed me, in laymen's terms, how to add a reply feature to the comment section on my blog. I know, I know. I could have done the same thing before and just replied to comments, but this just makes it official, LOL! So, when you leave a comment (click on the link below) you can come back and see the reply ... I know, it's still not nearly as good as getting it in your inbox.
I must say, for someone who isn't that computer savy, I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Time to share a couple of layouts that are starting to clog up my picture files. (and I wonder why my lap top is getting slower and slower ... sheesh! I really need to clean off a tonne of pictures.)

So, tell me ... how do you store your digital photos? What do you find is the best way?

And this one was done for a journaling challenge. Can you believe how grown up my boy is?


  1. Hey, love the LOs and your son looks like a young man, please dont hate me for saying that!!! as for the digi photos, i have an external hard-drive that we back up to... my friend does 2 DVDs of all her photos stores one at her house and one at her mams, she figures they arent both going to get damaged at the same time :)

  2. Doesn't it just make you feel so smart to be coding HTML? I love it. Thanks too for sharing that tio. I might just have to do that too!!!

  3. @MilenaHahaha. I wish I was that smart. It's more like cut and paste. Even that took me a long time to do.

  4. @JemmaI keep telling John that I want to get an external hard drive for my pics. He actually got me one and then used it himself. Maybe it's time to bug him for one again.

  5. Thanks for the link with the code. As for the external drive I learned the hard way not to depend on that alone. I also back up all photos on a dvd every few months. You can never be too careful.

    Love your pages. I always love when you have journaling. :D

  6. Anonymous2:18 AM

    I have 3 external hard drives, started out small years ago, about 350GB, then 450GB and now 1.5 TB. To back up pictures, videos, just about anything that I would not want to lose. And when I travel I take the drive(s) with me, for backup, etc.

  7. @Anonymous
    I have a friend that does that too. It sounds like I would end up like you with a few full drives. I have so many pictures and the files are huge.

  8. @Tina
    Yikes! I would hate to learn that the hard way. Recently I realized that I had a whole file of pictures that has gone mia. I'm thinking that I deleted it somehow. I've checked everywhere and can't find it.

  9. Our children grow up too quickly...or so it seems. I also don't like what it means about us, that we too are getting much older...oh, my aching back.

  10. Hi Barbara,
    My husband says there is something called Dropbox where you can store photos and documents at a remote site. It's free. We have it, but un-tech-savvy me hasn't started using it yet!

    I guess it's sort of like how your blog entries are not stored on your computer, but rather at a server somewhere.

  11. @Joyce

    I've never heard of Dropbox before. I'm going to have to check into that. Thanks.

  12. @Dave

    You know, when the kids are small it doesn't seem like they will every grow up ... at least on some days. Now it all seems like just yesterday.

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