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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Share Today

Three days in a row! That hasn't happened in a long time.

I'm back today with another share. Last week on the Use Your Stuff Blog we were challenged to create a project using limited supplies. What that meant was that we were allowed basic supplies such as cardstock, and either one sheet of patterned paper or three stamps.

So, I took that very literally. I ended up creating this page using just one sheet of patterned paper and some cardstock. I chose a piece of patterned paper from the Simple Stories 24/7 line. The paper was different patterned hexagons. I cut out a lot of the hexagons and used them as they were, and then cut some up to use as the banner. It's amazing how far one sheet of patterned paper will go!

The photo is of my younger brother, Rick. He has Down's Syndrome and he's blind. He and I are very close and spent a lot of time together while we were growing up. He's my little buddy!


  1. I like the design. Your title makes me think of the "My Buddy" doll from the 80s (am I telling my age?). Cute!

    1. I remember those My Buddy dolls too! LOL!

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  3. I love your layout, so happy and colorful !


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