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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Mission Trip Brazil - Part 3

Our Day Off

Once the playground was completed, we had a day off. We travelled, by bus, to Santos, which was about an hour and a half away. The plan was to spend some time on the beach and to do some shopping. The drive coming down into Santos was beautiful.

When we arrived, half the group went off to the beach for the first half of the day while the other half went into town to do some shopping. Then we switched. My group (my family and my adopted daughters) decided to shop first and then do the beach in the afternoon.

The first place we hit was the coffee museum for some good Brazilian coffee and pastries.

Trying to decide which way to go first.

Waiting for the bus to come back for us after our morning of shopping.

 Then it was time to head for the beach. Once we were there, we were all ready for lunch so we grabbed a bite to eat at the mall. Matt and Spencer didn't have any interest in going to the beach, so they went off to do some more shopping, and the rest of us spent the rest of the day on the beach. By mid-afternoon, everyone had made their way back to the beach, and we all ended up in the same spot. It was so much fun to hang out together as a whole group on the beach.

Time for some R & R ...

Some kite flying ...

A game of Frisbee ...

The brave ones made it into the water ... I was not one of them!

The rest just pretended to be lifeguarding.

I had to put this picture in for some certain girls. Camanova!

 And this one for another certain girl.

The younguns were having fun on the beach and pulled me into it. I have to say, I impressed myself by not actually falling flat on my face ... but I did (ahem) fall ... luckily it wasn't captured on camera.

When we finished at the beach, we went off to a local Brazilian Restaurant for some great food. When we had our fill, we walked back over to the beach for some yummy churros (like we hadn't eaten enough already!) and ended up hanging out there for a while longer.
What a fun day!

Stay tuned for more ...


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  2. That shot from the bus is amazing and so is the one of the kids going in the water. You are a great photographer missey. Camanova LOL !!!
    I bet you fell ever so gracefully. Love that shot to


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