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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bits and Pieces

... of my summer:
-I feel like my summer has just flown by and that I've hardly had a chance to just relax. I've spent some time at the trailer, but I've had to be back and forth every few days because of committments and events. I think the longest spell I've had in one spot (other than 11 days in Brasil) was maybe 6 days.
-We've had a few jazz concerts in the past few weeks. Fortunately the weather has been great and the concerts have been outdoors. There's nothing like listening to jazz outside on a beautiful summer day.
-I spent a couple of days with my sisters at Joanne's trailer. It was very relaxing.
-my brother, Stephen, and his family have moved back to Ontario - and only about an hour from us. We've been enjoying reconnecting with everyone!
-Cameron had a week-long camping trip with his aunt and cousin. He came home soooo happy. That boy was born to be out in the great outdoors!
-he turned 16 while he was away so we planned a little surprise party for him when he got home with family.
-He's now at Music Camp - I hope he was rested enough going in because I know he won't get enough sleep this week.
-after dropping him off yesterday, we drove up to Barrie to attend a surprise party for my sister-in-law, Linda. It was lovely - on a beautiful horse farm.
-we attended the wedding of a good friend at the beginning of August. It was at a Winery. She was so gorgeous! I love happy endings ... or rather happy beginnings. It was a beautiful wedding.
-Spencer finished his school term at Waterloo. Since he's in the co-op programme, he is either in a school term, or a work term. This summer was a school term. His exams are over now, and he now has a couple of weeks break before he starts work in September. Right now, he and John are in Waterloo moving him out of his house as their lease is up.
-His job this work term will be in Toronto - downtown. That means he and John will get to commute into the city together each day - and for me it means I get to have him home for 4 months.
-Matt has been working, working, working. I was able to get him to come up to the trailer for a couple of days when he had a couple of days off.
-the landscaping is finished now and the sprinkler system is installed. On Monday they are coming back to replace some of the dead sod and a handful of dead plants.

That's been my summer - up until now. Today I'm going back to the trailer. My sister is joining me for  the week. I'm staying put there until Saturday.


  1. Have a Good time at the tailor Barb.....see you Sunday!

  2. Busy, busy lady! Maybe it will all slow down come autumn....

  3. You need a break from summer. lol. Good times with family and friends is a great way to spend your time.
    Sounds like a very full summer.

  4. Hey there:
    Missed seeing you at the trailer last weekend. I was up with Heather. It brought back memories of the good old days in the canteen!
    P.S. I'm going to a wedding this Saturday which is really a re-commitment ceremony for a couple who will be heading out to Brazil as missionaries. What makes this neat for me is they accepted the Lord in an Alpha course at Cambridge Corps.


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