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Friday, April 06, 2012

A little bit of bliss in my week

Here are my little bits of bliss for this past week:

-enjoying lunch and catching up with a friend whom I don't get to see often enough these days
-having ducks visit me in my backyard this week. Suki is loving that too
-going to see the Hunger Games with Cameron. I wasn't really interested in seeing it but he really wanted to go. I'm glad I did.
-starting our planning for our 25th anniversary trip this fall. The planning is half the fun
-spending a lot of time organizing - a long overdue project and it feels so good to make some headway

What are your bits of bliss this week? I'd love to hear about them. Liv Lane hosts a bliss list every week. hop on over there and check it out. Liv Lane


  1. Watching all the plants wake up and start to go into bud has been my bliss this week. I love my garden and my friend came round to cut back all the overgrown plants this week. It was great to see her. Em x

  2. Hunger games! I want to see that movie too! Ducks can always make someone smile, over here it's the same. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  3. Congrats on 25 years. Not many make it these days.

  4. Visiting ducks - how wonderful. You have had so many little moments of bliss this past - wonderful! Congrats on the 25 years!

  5. I've such great things about the Hunger Games movie. Love that you have ducks.... Happy early anniversary--25 years is wonderful! Hope this week is just as blissful!


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