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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Easter weekend has come and gone ... like it usually does ... in a flurry of activity.  Every year I always remind myself ,after the weekend is over, that I need to just try and slow it down and enjoy it more ... and then the next year passes in a blur again.
This year was no different. On Friday we attended Good Friday Services in Etobicoke. Afterwards we went out for lunch - just the 5 of us - and it was wonderful. We were able to enjoy each other, all together in one place - discussing what E=Mcsquared really means to us,  (and yes, I left more confused than when we got there.) In the afternoon, everyone went off in separate directions - Spencer out with his girlfriend, Cameron on his computer, John into the bowels of the house, Matt to sleep (because he had to work nights). I'm glad that at least we had lunch together.
Saturday, 4 of us drove to Kingston to enjoy the day with my family. It was a beautiful day.
Sunday morning we had the Sunrise Service, followed by the regular Church Service. As soon as that was over, we had to rush out and get Matt home (he was between night shifts) and the rest of us went up to Guelph to spend some time with John's family.

Yes, it was a busy weekend for us., but it was a great one ... filled with family. It just wasn't long enough.

Fortunately, my sister was able to get some good pictures. This is what it's all about!


  1. whoa!! you caught jason and cameron smiling!

  2. Fun times had by all, it looks like!

    Family time really is the best!

  3. Great pics. Thanks for posting them.


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