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Friday, March 23, 2012

My Little Bliss List for this week

...some of this may span two weeks since it's been two weeks since I participated due to vacation. There have been so many bliss moments!
  • watching Cameron and his team compete in the Robotics competition in Rochester two weeks ago. It was loud, but it was bliss. I love seeing people who are passionate about things. Another one this weekend and I can't wait!
  • spending a wonderful week away with two of my favourite guys, and some of my family as well.
  • sitting on a warm, sunny beach
  • listening to the birds singing outside my window this morning ... they're so happy with all the warm weather lately
  • doing some gardening in March - I don't ever remember being able to do that
  • sharing laughter and jokes with Matt (who is on the autism spectrum)
  • time spent deep inside a book
What's on your list this week. Hop on over to Liv Lane's Bliss List and share yours, or tell me here. I'd love to hear it


  1. The gardening and good book ideas are some of my favorite types of bliss too!

  2. We are still way too cool for outings except today is supposed to go up to 70 F. We have a grand opening in Salt Lake City of the New City Creek shopping center. Would like to go but don't like big crowds. Would love to go to the beach somewhere but I live inland.

  3. What'cha reading Barb? I'm in need of a new read....Can you help me out??


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