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Monday, January 30, 2012

This Week on Use Your Stuff

...we are challenged to line it up and stretch it out. Line it up ... your photos, embellishments,page elements, whatever you wish. Just line them up ... and thenstretch it out - across your page - across two pages.

Here's my layout for this challenge

Come on by the Use Your Stuff Challenge Blog and show us what you can do with this challenge. We'd love to see it.

By the way, did you notice my make-over? I spent some time in the last three days poking around and trying to make things a little better around here. There may be more changes to come, but for now I'm liking the new look.


  1. That looks great.

  2. I really like the new look of your blog Barb. Your layout is AH-MAZING!!
    The photos are superb and the papers you picked out complement and make them stand out.

  3. The new design looks great!

    Great use of the visual triangle technique on your double pager. Your photos are beautiful too.

  4. Beautiful photos and wonderful layout. Hope you don't mind me pinning this on Pinterest!

  5. thanks Connie. Sure, pin away. I'm honoured.

  6. This layout is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love the colors and pics and you are truly the Queen of 2 page layouts!!

  7. fabulous multi photo double pager.. my fav thing.. and the photos are great


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