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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Daily - Dec. 13th and 14th

The problem with this project is that once you're caught up, you're behind the next day again.

December 13th

It didn't take long for my December calendar to fill up. Between all the banding engagements, school stuff, regular stuff, and festivities, there are very few free days. Usually I don't like having a busy month like this, but in December I love having all these busy days. It may be a bit of a shock for me after Christmas when things slow down again.

The year Cameron was born we were living in Barbados and so that Christmas we spent in Puerto Rico. While we were shopping in town during that week I found a store that was selling Nativity sets that were made inside a painted coconut shell. They were so cool and the perfect souvenir from our only Christmas spent away from our families. This is one of the "Christmas decorations" that stay out all year long.


  1. Wow Barb You've really kept up with this. Well done. I really like your coconut Nativity - definitely a conversation startet at Christmas time!

  2. That is one pack schedule!
    Very cool coconut too.


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