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Thursday, December 22, 2011

December Daily - 15th and 16th

December 15th
Today Matt and I hit the mall together. We went to Square One. mat went one way to get all his shopping done and I went the other. We met for lunch and had a nice time just chatting together and he proudly showed me everything that he had picked up for people. I love shopping with him because he always puts so much thought into what he got for people. By the end of the day he was finished with his shopping. He was way more successful than I was.

December 16th
Deb, Michele and I all have birthdays within 3 weeks of each other so for the last few years we've tried to get together for a birthday lunch. This year Deb had a party for her birthday. Tonight we went out to Duelling Pianos with three of Deb's other friends. It was a very fun night with lots of laughs and great songs.

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  1. Excellent layouts Barb, what a great day with Matthew.
    I'm really enjoying your Dec. daily pages :)


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