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Monday, September 13, 2010

Week Three

The third week of July we went here with my family. My brother, Stephen, and his family were here from Calgary.

We did this ...

and this ...

and lots of this ...

We hung out ...

and had lots of visitors ...
even the twins came for a visit ...

Most of all, we spent a lot of time just reconnecting.


  1. OMG Barbara I want to live there. What a gorgeous summer house. How many rooms BTW?

  2. We rented a four-bedroom cottage that also had a bunkie. There were 15 of us for the week.

  3. That looks like an amazing place!!
    Lots of family fun.

  4. Hello & Thank you. as a former Military member myself, I appreciate the job your son & many other sons & daughters are doing . While I was fortunate to have served in peacetime service, I know the training, drill & day to day life in the military & miss it at times. I am proud beyond words of our troups, airmen & women. & have been busy making & selling rememberance day shirts to who ever out there wishes to also show their respect & support for all those men & women serving, having served , Lived & died for our country, Canada
    God Bless
    & Thank you


    Don Morrison
    Williams Lake , BC


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