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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thirteen of our Favourite Meals

1. Satay Chicken Noodles. I think this would probably top everyone's list here. Whenever I make it I make a lot so we have enough for leftovers. Unfortunately the leftovers don't usually last until the next day because they're eaten.

2. Pork Tenderloin - I have a very yummy recipe that has a nice marinade that I thicken into a sauce for serving.

3. Chicken Cordon Bleu - Very fiddlely, but worth the effort.

4. Chicken Divan.

5. Chicken Broccoli Braid - a Pampered Chef recipe. Yum. We had it for supper last night and I have some leftovers for my lunch today. Can't wait.

6. Tacos. Not my favourite, but everyone else loves them so they're on the list.

7. Chicken Enchiladas

8. Chicken Fried Rice - another meal that I make a tonne of for the leftovers

9. Fajitas

10. Roast Beef - John's favourite

11. Teriyake Chicken Burgers on the BBQ

12. Steak - in mom's special marinade

13. Maple Pork

All that being said, my boys will eat just about anything that I put in front of them and they always make me feel like I'm a gourmet cook (which I so am not!)

I'm hungry.

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  1. Sounds yummy! Particularly the maple pork. Hubby does most of the cooking in our house and he has made a tasty maple pork roast just last week :) Happy TT and thanks for the visit :)

  2. Sounds delicious!! I would love to get some of your recipes. Will send you a FB note...


  3. I'm hungry too. Those are some of my favorites as well.

    Have a great Thursday!
    You should join us on Monday for Monday Mayhem.

  4. Great List...Okay...now I am ready for lunch!!! ;) Thanks for visiting me.

    Happy T13!!

  5. It's too early to be tempted by those. Where are my eggs?!

  6. Yummy sounding list! There are a couple of fave of ours in there. :) Since we are on a schedule most night of the week, we're more a sauté kind of family. LOL

  7. Mmm...now I'm hungry! Thanks for coming out to the apple orchard with me!

  8. I love eating leftovers of my favorite dishes too. Happy Thursday.

  9. Anonymous2:52 PM

    We have a chicken divan thing here too!

  10. I want to invite myself to your house for dinner.

  11. How good of your boys to love everything you make - my brother and I are such picky and problematic eaters - I hated veggies and he never cared for meat & gravy - so I'd scrape all my veggies on his plate and he'd sneak his meat over to me. He grew up to become a vegan and I would be right at home in your house with those tacos!

  12. Oh, yum! Do you have the recipe for Satay Chicken Noodles posted somewhere? Or is it 'top secret'? Everything on your list sounds so good. I am intrigued by the thought of Maple Pork. What type of dish is that?

    By the way, you are the very best at Lexulous. I really enjoy playing that game with you on Facebook. :P

  13. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Mmmmm.... Chicken enchiladas! Boy do I miss Mexican food.

    Thanks for visiting my blog on T.T.!! Happy (late) Halloween!


  14. There is a lot of chicken combinations on that there list. What, no exotic items?


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