Welcome to a day in my life. I can't guarantee that this will be an exciting read for anyone. My life is filled with all the mundane activities of a stay-at-home-mom just trying to raise her three sons to be the best men they can be.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, September 14th...
Outside my window... it looks like Fall is here. The leaves are starting to change and there's a coolness in the air. I don't mind because Fall is my favourite season.

I am thinking... that so far everyone has settled into school nicely. Matt seems to be enjoying college (although those 6 a.m. mornings are a bit draining for both of us) and Spencer and Cameron are resuming all their activities.

I am thankful for... such good boys. They are truly a blessing and my pride and joy. They are mischieveous as times (OK, a lot of the times) but they don't get into any trouble. They are wonderful!

From the scrap room ... I'm starting to pack up for our week away next week. We're off to Maine this year (for our annual girls scrapping vacation. We have a gorgeous 9 bedroom house overlooking the mountains. What a way to spend a week! I'll be sharing lots of pictures later, I'm sure.

From the kitchen... I'm thinking it will be chicken fried rice tonight.

I am wearing... jeans, a t shirt, and a sweater.

I am creating... a recipie/menu box to sit on my kitchen counter. I saw this idea on Jana Eubank's blog, and just had to make one for myself.

I am going... did I mention that I'm going for a week of scrapping in the mountains in Maine with 19 of my scrapping friends?

I am reading... I just finished reading "If I Did It" ... the murder confession book by OJ Simpson. What a chilling book!

I am hoping... that Matt is able to get all of his textbooks today from the college bookstore.

I am hearing... the bubbling of the fish tank ... the newly cleaned fish tank.
Around the house... the house is slowly getting back into order after a summer of coming and going, and no one to keep it tidy. Yesterday three of us took 2 hours to rearrange Matt's room, sort through everything, and spring clean it.

One of my favorite things... having a room that has just been spring cleaned.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I have so much to do this week.
-groceries (a few times this week)
-I have a costume to get for a murder mystery party
-I have to book driver's ed for two boys
-bring Rick home for a sleep over
-tonnes of emails to write
-to do lists to write for everyone
-go to the apple store in Mississauga for a microphone for my ipod touch
-training session at Cameron's school for his laptop
-cleaning - lots and lots of cleaning
-ditto for laundry

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


  1. Sounds like the week is shaping out to be organized and busy all at the same time for you.

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Enjoy your trip to Maine...if you run into Evie's brother Dennis and Erma in Portland, say hello for us.

  3. Hi, Barbara, you busy lady! Have a wonderful time scrapbooking with your friends!

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