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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to School Report Card

Attitude - A
Getting ready on time - D (because he fell back asleep on his bed instead of getting in the shower)
Being Prepared - A - (I think he was getting a little annoyed with me checking that he had everything - but he proved to me that maybe I don't need to do that anymore.)
School Day - A - he made it to all his classes, made it to the book store, and made it home without missing a bus.
Looking ahead - A+ - It looks like he's going to enjoy the programme and do well. I think he's going to enjoy his new environment and love being "grown-up"

Attitude - B - he was rather grumpy
Getting ready on time - A - he made it to school in lots of time
Being Prepared - A+ - he was very organized for the day
School Day - A+ - he's quite happy with his classes and teachers. He has friends in all his classes.
Looking Ahead - A+ - He's going to really enjoy his year as a Senior in High School. He does well with the academics, has lots of friends, and is focussed. Great things ahead.

Attitude - C- -if it wasn't for the fact that every five minutes he was counting down on the clock until his "loss of freedom" he might have scored higher.
Getting Ready on time - A+ - this is huge for this very disorganized young man! He was wanting to leave ten minutes early.
Being Prepared - A+ - this, too is huge. He needed very little help from me to make sure that all his supplies were in order and where they needed to be.
School Day - A+ - he loves his teachers, has a couple of friends in his class and is already talking about music (that's my boy!)
Looking Ahead - A+ - I got a call from the SERT and his lap top should be in next week. We (Cameron and I) start our training sessions next week for the software.

Attitude - B - I was a little anxious about how they were doing
Getting ready on time - A+ -I'm giving myself high marks for this one because I got a lot done before even starting the school runs.
Being Prepared - F - can you ever be prepared to send your first born off to college?
School Day - A++ - I went to visit some friends at lunch, I got a lot of errands done, and I got a lot done around the house.
Looking ahead - A+ - It's going to be a great school year for all of us.


  1. so glad to hear that matt's enjoying college!!!

  2. Overall, pretty good reports for all of you.

  3. Love this post!! Congrats on the overall greatness! :)

  4. Nice format....by the way, you will not be prepared for your youngest starting college.

  5. Wow, it sounds like your back-to-school transition went VERY well overall. I'm so glad for you and the boys!


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