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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm getting there

I've been a little swamped this week with everything that I need to do to get myself, and my family ready for my going on vacation. I know all you moms out there know exactly what I mean. When John travels, all he has to do is pack his bag (usually an hour before leaving), grab his passport, and give everyone a kiss good-bye. I wish I could be so lucky. Not only do I have to get myself ready, but I have to make sure that everything is in place and ready for the family. Here's a list of all that I had or still have to do before I leave tomorrow:

-plan my layouts and get pictures printed
-prepare all the packets with paper and embellishments to go with the layouts and pictures
-pack my scrapbooking stuff
-pack my clothes
-make sure laundry is done for everyone - the older two do their own, but I still need to nag them to get it done
-figure out rides for all the activities and school
-figure out how Matt is going to get to and from the go bus everyday (thank you Mom and Dad for agreeing to come and stay for a week to chaufuer kids around.
-rearrange items on the schedule that I won't be able to attend
-get lots of cat food
-write lots of lists for everyone
-photo copy timetables, and bus schedules
-get groceries (although John will have to replenish every couple of days anyway because somehow it disappears as fast as it comes into the house)
-get Matt's old psyco-educational reports and other reports copied and into an envelope so he can take it to his meeting at the school next Friday
-make sure there is enough perscription medications for the week
-clean the fish tank because there's no way it would last another week ... OK, I actually farmed this job out to Cameron
-get the house somewhat cleaned
-send off an application for a youth retreat that Spencer wants to attend while I'm gone
-get Cameron some new black shoes for Sunday - somehow his feet grew so much in the span of the summer that he can't squeeze them in anymore
-get my indoor plants sprayed and brought back into the house from the backyard incase of frost (gasp!)
-banking - that is if I want any money to spend while I'm away

Sigh! I have a feeling I will be sleeping a lot in the car on the way to Maine.

OK, before I head off to tackle some more of my list, here's a layout that I did earlier in the summer from our day on the catamaran in the DR.

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