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Monday, September 07, 2009

The last hurrah!

This is it. The last weekend of the summer. It has gone so fast.
We've just spent the last hour or so getting the backpacks ready. My head was all in a fog as I was trying to remember all the things we needed to do. I felt like a drill sargeant firing off instructions left, right, and centre. Matt and I spent a lot of time going over everything from schedule to what he needs to do when he arrives at college tomorrow. He has a whole list of things that he needs to see about tomorrow, from getting paperwork from the college to prove that he is a student there for the Go Bus (to get student fares), to seeing if he can switch a class to a different time slot, to getting a book list and dropping a fortune on books and fees. I just hope I didn't overwhelm him too much.

Anyway, we are laying low today. No one was wanting to leave the house. In fact, no one even wanted to get dressed, but at least we got that far.

Last night we decided to go to the drive in. It's been two or three years since we've done that. It was great. It was a double, double feature (4 movies) but we only made it through two of them. We saw the Time Traveller's Wife. Wow! Great movie! The other one we saw was Inglorious Basterds. Well, Matt enjoyed it, but the rest of us didn't. There were so many fast moving sub-titles that it was very hard to keep up. Poor Cameron probably missed most of what was going on. I ended up grabbing a nap about two-thirds of the way through. Still, it was fun. There's nothing like the experience of laying in the back of the van with the hatch open, in the cool of the night watching movies like that. Why don't we do it more often?


  1. I have not seen a drive-in for years. They are indeed rare.

  2. Hope this school year goes great for your guys, especially for Matt, with all the extra work of college.

    That's neat that you have a drive-in movie theater there. :)

  3. I'd love to get to a drive-in again. The last time I remember going to one was when Jonathan was a little guy, maybe about four years old, and we were on vacation - somewhere in Ontario, I think.

  4. Oh wow... I didn't know there were any drive-ins left anywhere. We had one in Medicine Hat when we lived there but sadly it closed shortly after we moved there so we only got to go a couple times.

    I don't think I ever made it through a complete movie without falling asleep!


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