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Friday, July 31, 2009


The whole purpose of us coming to Nova Scotia this year was to see the rest of the province. Last time we were here (several years ago) we saw New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and then Cape Breton before running out of time. This time we wanted to see the rest of the province.
We spent four days in the Halifax area. We weren't disappointed.
One day we spent in Halifax itself seeing The Citadel and the downtown. The boys loved seeing the citadel ... especially Matt who loves Canadian History and warfare. I had a fall while we were there and hurt my ankle. At first we thought I broke it. It hurt so much. After a while it didn't hurt as much and I was able to walk on it so we were able to finish seeing the Citadel and downtown. (my ankle is still tender ... a week later, but is much better.)

We really enjoyed the waterfront of Halifax. It was such a beautiful day for just walking (or should I say limping) around.

We were also able to get together with an old friend who I grew up with. We went to the fantastic restaurant in the Eastern Passage called Warf Wraps. Wow! The food was really good. Even better was spending a couple of hours with Barb and Carmen, chatting about old times, and catching up.
This photo makes me laugh. Matt loves Arby's and so when we stopped at one for lunch, he wanted to pose for this picture. "He's thinking Arby's." I think that maybe he watches too much TV, LOL!


  1. I miss Halifax so much. The waterfront is where I used to "live" in the summer....the buskerfest is something to see too! Barb was also my counsellor at Music Camp in the Maritimes...the Army is such a small world! :-)

  2. I'm glad you met up with Barb. I'm sure she enjoyed the connection to old times.

    I like the Matthew and Arbys picture.

  3. I love Matt's picture. Great idea. It's great that you met up with Barb and Carmen. Dave and I met up with them a few years ago in New Brunswick. Stephen, Gayle and their kids were there too. We enjoyed our visit with them.

  4. I think it's wonderful how your family really gets out to see historical sites, and the beauty of Canada as well. I am enjoying the pictures.

  5. Wow.......Barb's barely changed at all. I'd recoginize her anywhere!


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