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Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Free Day

Yesterday we ended up with a free day. Don't ya love it when that happens? We had a pool party that we were supposed to go to in the afternoon but it had to be cancelled.

So, we decided to spend the day at the African Lion Safari. The weather was perfect for it. It was sunny, but too hot so the animals were fairly active. Our favourite parts of the Lion Safari is always the Lions and the Baboons. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time there watching them.

On our second time through we saw this lion cub. Isn't he gorgeous? He was very entertaining to watch as he tried to get all the other lions to play with him.

Check out these pictures. I was trying to get a picture of me with each of the boys. Can you see a common theme? Are they brothers or what?

Even in a group picture one of them has to make a face!
Sheesh! Boys! What's a mother to do??


  1. Your boys are so cute and funny! You are so blessed to have them.

  2. Looks like all of you are having fun, even though the boys didn't want to smile. :P

  3. You'll get payback when you show those photos at their wedding receptions.

  4. But they love you so much!

  5. Great photos Barb funny faces and all...there is always one with a funny face in a group shot.
    I find the same thing happens with my 2 nieces and nephew.
    Looks like a fun day.

  6. Oh man, that's TOTALLY my experience with my boys too... trying to get a decent picture is like pulling teeth! lol

  7. I have a husband who always does this...or he just walks away. Fun!


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