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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yesterday was a sad day for 18 kids. It was the final performance for the Halton Junior Jazz band for this year. They did a full day of school tours, travelling to 4 different schools. They played really well, and it was obvious that they were really enjoying themselves.

At the end of the day, they had a pool party at the home of one of the students. Before leaving the party, they all got out their instruments for a jam session in the driveway for all the parents and neighbours. So much fun!

Cameron was so exhausted by the end of it all. It's been a busy week for him, spending three days away with his school at Camp Couchiching, and then the day yesterday playing.

Good memories!


  1. WOW Looks like they had a fun day. Its really great to see that they enjoy playing in the band so much.

    Will the same group be together again next year?

  2. Cool pictures! Love the jamming session! :)

  3. The impromptu concert sounds exciting! Congrats to all these fine young musicians.

  4. Those school groups will give you and Cameron lots of wonderful memories.

  5. That's a great day that will certainly stick to some of the kids when it comes to life memories!
    By the way, I can only dream of my former life in Ontario and backyard pool parties. Pools are not part of the life style here in Calgary - it's too cold!!

  6. Great fun. Lasting memories.


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