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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I always feel so energized this time of the year and am eager to get some spring cleaning done. I start off really strong, and then I burn out towards the end.

On Monday I started to upack all my scrapping stuff from the retreat and decided that I needed to reorganize my room first. So, I started pulling everything out from everywhere and started reorganizing it all. About halfway through, when I was knee deep in junk, I wondered what possessed me to do that. Anyway, it took me two days, but I got it all done. I even decided halfway through that I was going to make my own (ahem, cheaper) version of the clip-it-up.
I bought some cafe curtain rods and attached them to the back of the door just using those adhesive hooks.
I bought the little plastic and metal clips that are used for name tags and put those onto the rod.
Voila! Easy Peasy and inexpensive. Gotta love that!
The rest of the room pretty much stayed the same but just organized a little better.
Now I'm ready to scrapbook! (except I don't want to mess it up again! Sheesh!)


  1. My lurking finally paid off!! That is a lovely little addition to your scrap room. I might have to do a little something similar in Dave's office/my scraproom. I think he'd really like that.

  2. What an interesting cheap peg system and an interesting way to use the back of a door. I need to remember that system.

  3. Oh wow, it looks fabulous! I wish I could be so organized. It's just not in my blood. lol

    Happy scrappin'! :D

  4. When are you going to come to our house to organize?

  5. Wow, Barbara! The room is beautiful! Such a skilled organizer you are!

  6. Barb, it's gorgeous!!!!! Love the idea of using the curtain rods, clips and 3-M hooks (they're my fave in the classroom).
    The IKEA cubby unit is stunning, love the little hits of red throughout the room - you have the designer touch.

  7. How long will it last with your boys using your room, too?!

  8. What a gorgeous scrap room you have, I love it!!!! Love seeing where you create and make your magic!!

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