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Friday, April 03, 2009

I wonder how many golf bags have one of these?

It's only the 3rd hole, but you've drank too much and now you have to use the bathroom...very badly! In the old fashioned days, you'd have to put the game on pause and run to the little boy's room. Not anymore my friends, because with the UroClub, you can take a whiz right on the course without interrupting the game! Think it's gross? Well, it totally isn't...because it is completely leak-proof, easy to clean, and magnificently sanitary. And the best part is, it holds over half a liter of liquid...which means it is large enough for both you AND a friend to safely eliminate your bladder during the course of a golf game - so convenient!
OK, the funniest part of this is when they say that it's large enough to share with your golfing buddy! Hahaha!
If you're dying to get yourselves one of these bad boys, you can find them here: UroClub


  1. Oh my this is so funny. I guess since hubby or myself are not golfers it is just out of this world to think of something like this. lol I guess we shouls wait to see what they come out with for the ladies. Thanks for sharing this Barb.

  2. This is so very, very funny. It makes me think of our conversation in the car on Sunday!!

  3. what??? no more peeing in the woods or sandtrap??

  4. Rofl!!! That's a good one. :)

  5. AND...It only costs $44 for the priviledge! LOL

  6. I am with Jenn. This is only for the serious players. The rest of us none serious players shank a shot off the fareway and into the trees. Why else are the trees there but to give one an opportunity to duck around the backside of the tree and "look for one's golf ball"

    No sharing!!!!

    I agree with Jenn....what happened to peeing in the woods ?


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