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Saturday, April 04, 2009

My son has a good sense of humour!

We just got back from the optical store. (That is how you say it isn't it) Spencer needed to get some glasses, much to his dismay! Unfortunately, he will need them if he wants to be driving anytime soon. So ... we just spent about an hour there trying on different frames ... and having quite a good time. I was so glad to have my camera there to capture some of our favorites. So, which ones are your favorites?

These were my personal favorites. They were pink with lots of bling, and they has his name on the side. For some reason he didn't agree!


  1. LOL!! Those pink ones are definitely cute, but I like the big blue ones too! Go Spencer!!

  2. I like the round, wire-rimmed, or maybe the dark and nerdy! :P

  3. I agree with Milena, I like the blue ones. Spencer would always be ready for snorkling!

  4. The first one makes him look a little like Harry Potter. The blue one is my favorite...the skin diving look.

  5. LOL...
    Blue ones please!!!


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