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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen pictures from our trip to the Dominican Republic:
Leaving Toronto

Cameron staking out his place in the sun.

Looking for anything that is alive.

Watching a movie on a rainy day.

Matthew hanging out with a group of kids that he met.

When did he grow up??

A day out on the catamaran.

Our ATV trip - before the accident.

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  1. Great photos. You have a very handsome family. Happy T13.

  2. We have friends from the Dominican, so I'm sitting here, scrutinizing the background, trying to get a feel for what the country is like. (They, fortunately, don't seem to be from the very desperately poor areas)

    The vacation looks like it was amazing! And your comment about when did your son get older... that's something that struck a chord in me. My son has shown some real growth recently and it's like... wow.

    Happy T 13!

  3. Gosh, I haven't been by in a while. Your boys are doing so well. Gosh, I can just see the love all over them. Well done Barbara! You must be so proud of them!

  4. great pics! the one from the plane is really good. punta cana or puerto plata?

  5. This looks a lot like a trip to Belize my family went on a couple of years ago. And that "when did he grow up" thing? I'm there every day.

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    What great pictures! How lucky that you can all get away like that & to someplace warm during this wishy-washy chill fest that this spring is being (even here in Virginia).

  7. Looks like a great rip!

  8. Looks like a tropical paradise treat and retreat.

  9. Love the pics.

    Great vacation - just hangin' out!

  10. Great photos. I have to do a vacay in a sunny clime one of these days.

  11. I'm jealous of your great photos of your family - my candid photos rarely turn out so well. I would love to visit the DR and catch some classic beisbol!

  12. Awesome photos... makes me wish I were somewhere warm and sunny today! I especially loved the picture of Matthew and his newfound friends. :)

  13. What great photos of your vacation to DR. I feel the same way about kids growing up. It's all good, just mind-boggling that it happens so quickly. :)

  14. These pictures are stunning Barb. Love keeping up with your beautiful family.

  15. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. What I wouldn't give for some of that sunshine, especially with half a foot of snow bearing down on us. Have a great weekend!


  16. Awesome pictures Barb! my favorite is the one of the family on ATV's.
    You got some great candid shots of the boys also.
    Looks like a great trip!


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