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Sunday, October 28, 2007


OK. With all due respect to my wonderful Sister-in-law and brother, and nephews, this is why most of the world finds Americans so arogant.


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  2. You realize, of course, that

    a) Tucker Carlson is a first-rate moron,
    b)Ann Coulter is a first-rate sensationalist hate-monger, and
    c) FOX News is delusional.

    Carlson, Coulter, O'Reilly, Hannity, et al, are profound embarrassments to Americans with more than two brain cells residing in relatively close proximity within their skulls.

    Having said that, too many Americans believe that our country is the center of the Christian, democracy-loving universe and have little interest in or knowledge of the world outside our borders. It really is shameful. Any country that could elect the current moron-in-chief not once, but twice, is suffering some serious intellectual difficulties.

    Our media doesn't help matters much. Most people who care about being informed look to the BBC, etc., for real news. Fortunately, the internet has made external media sources far more readily available to us.

    Our education system doesn't help much either, as its quality is radically inconsistent across the board. We've been fortunate to have our boys enrolled in two of the best school systems in the country. If we lived a mere 12 miles east (in Washington, DC) of our current home (in Virginia) they would have been ensconced in one of the worst.

    Unfortunately, many (but not all) Americans don't realize that a) their arrogance is unjustifiable, and b) their arrogance is ample evidence of their ignorance. Ignorance is only bliss until the rest of the world begins to hold the country accountable for its arrogance and stupidity. We are sorely in need of a wake-up call. Keep it coming, Canada, et al.

  3. this video deserves an entire blog entry for rebuttle. look for it soon.

  4. I notice at the end that Media Matters produced this item. Media Matters is a organization that seeks to portray the Fox and the Right in the worse light.

    Coulter is right of right. She has argued that the current Republican administration is too liberal. She make her money from being a sensationalist egotistical self-important woman who believes that she has all the answers and does not need to learn anything from others.

    Carlson was a member of the Clinton Whitehouse. In the last years to distinquish himself he comes out with statements designed to goad people. Many of the statements he does not believe himself but comes out with them to create a name for himself.

    Coulter and Carlson are entertainers more than critical thinkers to be taken seriously.

  5. The Fox news is known for its far right attitudes. It wants to display far out opinions to get ratings and reactions, even when it is obvious that what is said is blatantly eroneous and misconstrude.

    While I find these attitudes distressing as one of the norther neighbours I do take them with a grain of salt since they are not necessarily indicative of mainstream beliefs.

    I do agree with Evie that there are a variety of reasons for this, such as education. When I was a college student in the States (more than 25 years ago!) I had an interesting conversation with a group of my friends. They thought it was hilarious that the US is as dependent on Canada as we are on them. I tried, to no avail, to explain the reciprocal relationship. I also tried very hard to help them understand that Canada is one of two countries in the world (Russia being the other at that time) who could potentially be self-sufficient since we have every resource necessary. Our problem was that we did not have the supports to develop our resources to their fullest potential (e.g., enough industry). My friends laughed and said that the US has it all and Canada would be nothing without them.

    The following day (I couldn't believe the timing), in hisotry class the professor began his lecture by sayiug that there are only two countries in the world whohave the potential to be totally self sufficient... All could do was smile. I can't blme my friends for their eroneous views since world news and education about world issues has often been seen through a xenophobic and isolationist lens. Unfortunately, it often takes a tragic event, such as 911, to wake us all up - Canadians included when it comes to dealing with our own attitudes and issues.

  6. Dave said that Coulter and Carlson are entertainers rather than actual thinkers. This is true. The problem is that, unlike Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, who are honest about their status as entertainers, Coulter, Carlson and others present themselves as serious political commentators. Their real job, of course, is to take extreme positions and make outrageous comments that elevate ratings and bring in advertising revenue. They're not actually trying to inform people about anything. Unfortunately, many people take the views of such media personages far too seriously. When that happens, public discussions become polarized and argumentative rather than productive.


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