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Friday, October 19, 2007

Every so often when we're out shopping, a book catches out eye and we have to buy it. Our boys love reading books that contain trivia and other useless bits of information (well, maybe they aren't all useless!) A few months ago we found such a book and had to pick it up. It's from the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series (yes, that's right!) It is the Extraordinary Book of Facts and Bizarre Information . Well, since we bought it, it has travelled from person to person and has been the source of a great wealth of information - some funny, some gross (which are usually the best in our house.)

I found this page called "Blame Canada"
Canada has the larges national coastline in the world - 151,400 miles.
More than 50 percent of all the lakes in the world are in Canada. (wow! That's a lot of cottage country!)
36 percent of the Great Lakes lie in Canada.
40% of the worls'd newspapers are printed on paper that come from Canada (not sure this is something to be proud of!)
Per capita Canadians buy more diamonds than anyone else in the world. (really??)
Per capita, the cities of Winnipeg and Calgary drink the most slurpees in the world (I wonder how much that useless study cost?)
Canada has more doughnut shops per capita than any other country (yeah, and your point is....?)
Canadian citizens consume more Kraft Mac and Cheese than any other nation. (O.K. That's just gross!)


  1. i totally believe the donut thing - and i am convinced that london has the most donut stores per capita than any other city. there were at least two dozen stores/kiosks on the western campus alone!....mmmmmmmm......donuts.....

  2. I agree with Jenn about the donut thing. It seemed that every corner in Winnipeg had either a Robin's or Tim Horton's donut shop.

  3. Mac and Cheese....interesting. The slupees in Winnipeg is a surprise until I realize every 7-11 has several machines and it seems that there is a 7-11 every five to seven blocks.

  4. Hey, when we lived in Caledon, we knew we'd hit the big time when the Tim Horton's was built on the corner.

  5. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Very interesting facts... I love this kind of stuff. I read it and wondered why my dh isn't among the "buy lots of diamonds" crowd?! :P

  6. Anonymous11:13 PM

    That's too funny! I would never have thought that we were the ones to buy the most diamonds per capita. Wow! And I'm really surprised at the KD thing too... I would have bet that it was the US. LOL

  7. ha ha ha!! we've been buying that book every easter for about 10 years, I think we are on edition 19 or something? we usually take a year to go through it and pass it on to friends just before the easter bunny comes :-)

    it's great fun isn't it!


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