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Friday, January 05, 2007

On the road to a healthier lifestyle

So, the other day, John and I went and bought a treadmill. Knowing that I would waste away a gym membership, I thought this would be the best way to go. So ... this is what we ended up with:

They certainly get you off to a good start because the biggest work out is getting it home, in the house, and set up. Now that it's set up I need to make sure that I use it, which I have ... three times already. Cameron and his friends have have found great uses for it, including races (to see who can "get to the higher number", and running remote controlled cars on it.

I was a little concerned about Cameron playing with it when I'm upstairs but John said "easy! Just hide the key." (the key is a magnetic thing that has to be placed on a certain point for it to work.) Well, Cameron just used other magnetic things to make it go.

I found this video on the net. It's very cool. I wonder how long it will be before Cameron is doing some of these.


  1. They make exercising look fun!

    Dave and I have to put our exercise bike to good use this winter. I want to get into shape for real biking and hiking in the spring and summer.

  2. This is cool. My daughter loved it too. :)

  3. i highly suggest putting a small tv in front of you, time passes way faster that way

  4. Too funny! I wonder how many takes it took to get it just right so there would be no "fall-downs"?

  5. We started loosing weight togheter. last year I lost 13 kg!!! I'm going for minimum of 18 kg this year! Then I reached my goal weight!!!!!
    Aqua fitness is fun and going to work by bike also!!!!

    good luck to you!


  6. Anonymous10:52 AM

    love those videos by OK Go. Get yourself some good tunes and the time on the treadmill will fly by.

  7. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Love that video... saw it a while back and was mesmerized by it. LOL

    Enjoy your new treadmill! Good for you for making this commitment to a healthy lifestyle. My dh has been thinking of getting one too... just need to find a place to put it. :S


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