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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thirteen Thoughts on my Mind

1. I need to get active again. for a while several years ago I was a faithful gym-goer but got out of the habit after the gym burnt down. I need to make it a priority again.

2. The house is a mess. The boys have been home for two weeks and the house is showing it.

3. I finally got all my decorations away. I hate that job!

4. I have some friends coming for the weekend. John is going to Paris and so some of my scrapping friends are coming to scrap with me.

5. The boys are going to hate having a house full of women all weekend.

6. I wish I could sleep like the teenagers in my house. They've been sleeping until noon every day. Sleeping in to me now is 9 a.m. Sad, I know!

7.I hope I can get the van started. Yesterday I went to take Cameron and his friends to the rink to go skating and the battery was dead. John was away for the night and so the van has sat lifeless in the driveway.

8. I really don't want to spend a few hours at Canadian Tire getting a new battery for the van.

9. We really need groceries. This morning I couldn't have cereal - no milk, toast - no bread, or tea - no sugar.

10. 10 year old boys are loud and rough!

11. I'm missing some pictures of a trip we took to the bird aviary and it's been killing me trying to find them. I hope they show up because I have the perfect layout to use with them.

12. Does anyone else have trouble trying to find topics for Thursday Thirteen?

13.I think I finally know what colour I'm going to paint the living areas of our house ... thanks Jennifer!

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  1. I sometimes have a hard time coming up with stuff for my 13.

    Why is putting the Xmas decorations so much more fun than putting them away? I HATE putting the decorations away. After Xmas I am ready for them to come down, but putting them away sucks.

    My 13 is up.

  2. I know what you mean. The kids just went back to school yesterday.
    I was able to put away the Christmas Decorations, now I need to clean up the mess they left.

    What color are you going to paint your living room? I need to paint our bedroom.
    Happy TT!

  3. Our stuff goes down after Little Christmas which is this weekend.

    As for number 6....it will get worse....one day sleeping in will be 7 AM....and there will times that 6:30 will feel late.

  4. I can so relate about the sleeping in - when I was younger I could party at night and sleep the day away - now I am lucky if I can stay in till 9 am.
    My daughter is married and in her own home. It's been a while since a 10 year old was in our house. As I remember it can be keep you busy.
    Have a marvelous 2007,

  5. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Good list and yes, at just #8 for me....I am finding it more difficult to come up with 13 "things"...or rather, 13 things others might enjoy reading...lol

  6. It is a good list. I need a scrapbooking week-end. I am very behind.

  7. I need to clean up around here and I dont have any Christmas decorations to put away. It's just a mess.

    My 13 are up.

  8. I hate cleaning up after Christmas, too. I'm wondering how long the boxes will sit in the middle of the floor (yes, they are packed) before they are stored in teh basement...

  9. My house actually looks much better with my husband gone. I wrote it in my TT... I'm just more productive without him. But I'm with you on needing groceries. I'm running out of everything.

    PS: I have to agree with Dave. To me sleeping in is 8am. To my husband's Grandma it's 6:30am. She just can't sleep any longer. Yikes.

  10. no problem - but you really need to thank my gay interior decorator!

  11. good list
    I have still have not put away chrismas tree or decorations..
    We just had a dead batt in the parking lot of Wallmart. The batts were on sale for 39 dollars..good thing...
    If only we could use all the 10 yr old energy for things like cleaning the house....
    My TT is posted

  12. i don't have my decorations put away yet . . . i hate that dead battery thing! what color are you going to paint? (we need to do some painting too!)

    thanks for stopping by my list!

  13. I need to get back in the habit of going to the gym too.

    I agree, sometimes it's hard coming up with an idea for Thursday Thirteen.


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