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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Maybe it's a January thing (you know, kinda brain dead after a busy season) but I don't seem to have much to share right now. So .... here's a little Tuesday meme from Tuesday's Tales. I found it kinda funny because it's about the weather ... and as we all know, Canadians love talking about the weather.

What is your favorite weather?
My favorite season is fall because I like the cooler weather. It's cool enough to need to wear a jacket or a sweater. The perfect fall day would be cool (when I would just need a sweater) and sunny.

What do you like to do during a rain storm?
My favorite place to be in a thunder storm is to be in the trailer. We turn off all the lights, open the blinds, and watch the free light show outside. Because it's away from the city lights, the show is usually spectacular. I don't really like it when it's just raining outside.

What do you like to do during a snow storm?
During a good snow storm there's nothing like turning on the fireplace and sitting in front of it with a good cup of tea. I also like to have the blinds or curtains open so I can watch the snow flying outside.

What do you dislike about bad weather?
I don't know if there's much I dislike bad weather except when it interfers with my plans.

What is the weather like where you are today?
Today was cold, with a few scattered flurries.

So, now it's your turn. Tell me what you like or dislike about the weather.

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  1. Here are my answers:
    1. Fall is my favorite season. The temperatures are just right and the colors are beautiful.
    2. During a rain storm I like to look out the window and watch the wind bend the trees and look at the lightning.
    3. During a snow storm I like to have a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow fall.
    4. I don't like driving in bad weather.
    5. Today's weather is cool and sunny.


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