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Monday, October 09, 2006

Photo Challenge

During our picture taking venture, Cathy and I were talking about setting up a photo challenge. Since David and Evie are both into photography as well, I thought it would be fun to do a monthly challenge. Each month a different person could host the challenge. At the beginning of the month the challenge would be set and on the last day of the month the participants upload their photos to their own blogs with links to the other participants blogs. Sound cool? Since I'm telling David, Evie and Cathy that they are already participants we have four already. Anyone else want to join in? My only stipulations are that if you are SLR you can't be in the automatic mode (this is especially for me as I find it hard to force myself out of the A mode) and if you are digital you can't alter photos before posting them.

Since this month is already a third of the way through I will set the first challenge and make it easy. The challenge this month is to take pictures of pumpkins. Easy. It can be anything pumpkin related ... or jack-o-lanterns. To allow for the jack-o-lantern pics the posting date will be by November 2nd. (I still need time to get the film in to be developed.)

Who's in???


  1. I like this idea. I assume the photos have to be fully manual, not aperture- or shutter-priority?

    Now, I just have to find some pumpkins in a more interesting locale than the grocery store! That may be as much of a challenge as taking the photos.

  2. My challenge will be finding time to download and post the photos, especially since I am still working on the posting photos bit :)

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I'm in!!! Should be fun!



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