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Monday, October 09, 2006

Well, it's been a busy week. With Cathy being off we have gotten together three days. Wednesday was our scrap shopping trip as already noted. Thursday we drove up to the Elora Gorge where we spent the day taking pictures of the colours, the gorge, and each other. I'd never been there before but can't wait to go back. (we may head back there today to do some family portraits before heading to the in-laws for dinner.) I got some nice pictures. A lot of them I wasn't happy with the exposure on them ... live and learn.

We came upon this very cool old building.

We took pictures of each other.

My photo programme is acting up so I will have to come back later to upload more pictures.

On Friday the boys ended up having a PA Day (which, or course, I didn't know about until Thursday morning.) So Cathy and I took them down to Niagra Falls for the day on Friday. We spent some time at the bird aviary. I love it there. Then we walked along the boardwalk by the falls. I don't have those pictures as of yet.

And now it's Thanksgiving weekend which means we've been running around. Saturday Cathy hosted our family Thanksgiving and today we are heading to Guelph for John's family Thanksgiving.

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  1. Elora Gorge looks like a cool place. You'll have to take us up there when we come up to visit. Nice photos, especially #2.


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