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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


One of the things I love best about Thanksgiving is being able to spend time with family without all the trappings and business of the other holidays. I enjoy being able to sit with my family around the table and just enjoy their company. I love to watch my children revelling in the acceptance, security, and love that only a family can bring. It warms my heart to see them enjoying that time almost as much as I do.

The day we got together with my family, Cameron was thrilled to be able to go out fishing with his "big cousin", Jason. Jason is an avid fisherman and Cameron is following in his footsteps. I had to smile when I got an email from Joanne with photos that Alyson (Jason's fiancee) took of their time together. In looking at the photos and watching Cameron as he looked at them, it reinforced my belief that extended family is so important to a child. In those few short hours bonds were made, as were many memories that will never be forgotten. Thanks, Jason, for taking the time to make a difference in the life on a little boy.


  1. A solid family provides stability, strength, pride and comfort. It is great that an older cousin or sibling takes a younger under his/wing. We have been pleased that Jonathan and Joshua who though they are years apart are close.

  2. There's something special about being cousins. Age differences often are not a barrier as they would be for two unrelated kids.

  3. I had a lot of fun with Cameron that day. We didn't catch anything big and he got stung by a bee but he loved the outdoors and the overall experience. It was good to pass on a few small skills that I'm sure in the longrun will make a difference and to spend some quality time with one of my younger cousins. He was a lot of fun and I'd be glad to take him fishing with me any time.

  4. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I had a great time fishing and I'm glad you liked the pictures!!! My camera was almost out of batteries, but I luckily got a few in!

  5. While away up in Sault Ste Marie I thought of Cameron and Jason and the great time they wuld have up there fishing together at the more remote lodges through the Agawa Canyon. I can hear the "cools" loud and clear.

    Some of my favourite memories of family when I was young was the Sears and Morris clans togther. Cousins are great and it is even better when the ties can keep going throughout our lives.


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