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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy birthday to my big sister!

Happy birthday Joanne! Just as you used to say with a smile on your face when we were little "I'm older than you" I now say with a smile on my face "You're older than me."

Have a great birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Joanne! Guess what? You're older than I am!

  2. Hey.......but I'm the only one out of all of you that can say I will be "Young" the rest of my life!

  3. So... do the grey hairs match the age yet?!!!

    I haven't been able to get onto your blog, Joanne, so I guess I will use Barbara's instead to wish you a happy birthday.

  4. Anonymous2:12 PM

    LOL Too funny to see how the tables turn! :D Happy belated bday to your sister!


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