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Thursday, June 08, 2006

I shouldn't be here!

I've got a lot to do today. I shouldn't be playing on the computer. If I don't get out and get some grocery shopping done, I will have some very miserable boys on my hands at 3:00. For the last couple of days they have resorted to snacking on dry crackers, canned fruit, and dry pasta. I feel like the old lady in a shoe. The cuboards are bare! I keep putting it off because I dread grocery shopping. I hate everything about it. ...ane then they eat everything within a couple of days.

Here's the list of what I should be doing right now:
-grocery shopping (as already mentioned)
-filling out and sending in the camp applications
-making a reservation for Jasper for our trip to Calgary this summer
-cleaning the house yet again urgggggg!
-get out and buy more mulch, and gravel and get in down
go to Toys R Us to purchase a birthday present for a party that Cameron is going to on the weekend
-get out and buy Matthew's birthday present (for his 16th birthday!!!)

I was talking with some moms at Cameron's baseball game last night. It seems that one of them has a child (who is on Cameron's team) with Nonverbal Learning Disorder. The other mom said that she knew someone who also had a child with it. Wow! It seems to be getting a lot more recognition now. It's nice to not feel so alone on this road.

On that topic, Matt is doing really well. He has had a great semester at school and all his teachers are very pleased with how things have gone. He is fairly relaxed of late. We haven't seen a lot of anxiety from him in a long while. He did some work for the principal at school and the principal is planning on putting his name up permanently in the school for his efforts. Matt is also making more efforts to try and connect with his peers (I'm sure that has a lot to do with him not feeling anxious right now.) He's trying to make plans to visit a girl from school while both our family's are vacationing in Calgary this summer. Even if it doesn't happen, it shows some big steps forward for him just to be thinking like this. His cognitive therapist has ended scheduled sessions with him as he has done well. We can (and will) go back and visit on an as needed basis.

Cameron, on the other hand, is so social. All he wants to do is get together with his buddies. I got a few of the pictures back from his water wars that he had with some of his friends.

Spencer got home last night from his grade eight trip. Since they went to Quebec City last year, they went to a camp this year. He was exhausted. They did a lot of canoeing, rope climbing, swimming, and other outdoor sports. He had a blast. It's hard to beleive that he only has three weeks left of elementary school!


  1. You are pretty busy. So why are you goofing around on the Internet? :-)

    We're going to Pennsylvania to visit my mother this weekend, so I have no idea when we'll clean the house or go grocery shopping again!

    I'm glad to see that Matt is making some good progress. It's interesting that nonverbal learning disorder may be more common than people have realized. It makes me wonder how many kids have been written off as anti-social or delinquent instead of receiving treatment. Scary thought. Sad too.

  2. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Wow, I'm exhausted reading your to do list. Do you sleep at all? LOL


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