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Thursday, April 06, 2006

What does Barb need?

Now this is just too funny. There is a little game that's going around on the internet. I've noticed it in a few Blogs. What you do is go to Google and type in your name and then the word needs and do a search. It's very funny what comes up.

Here's what I got:

My Beautiful Barbara Needs a Miracle. (I know that I'm not a perfect person by any stretch, but a miralce? Hmmmmm............)
What Barb needs to learn is control. (OK, this is definately true sometimes!)
Barb needs to be eliminated. (Oh oh. Should I be watching over my shoulder?)
Barb needs to be kept in groups of five or more. (This is only true when I'm at a crop.)
Barb needs to be fed a variety of foods including vegetables as well as meaty foods. (hey, I don't see chocolate on that list!)
Barb needs a chairperson for the Homecoming Float Committee. (hmmmmm ... do I?)
Barb needs to cry a little more and fully release it. (Oh, I think I cry just enough thank you)
Barb needs a family that appreciates her endearing and happy personality. (yes she does!)
Barb needs to be taken to the hospital. (I will if someone is trying to eliminate me!)
Barb needs to replenish the money she spent. (Shhhhhh! Don't tell John!)
Barb needs to check the status of the ILL amendments and defects submitted to ISO regarding Version 2. (OK, I'll get right on that!)
Bab needs to be removed after a stingray sting ... (Ouch!)
Barb needs announcement e-mailed to her. (hey, what announcement? What am I missing?)
Barb needs a tutor to help her understand the difference between china, porcelain tableware, and China, the country and its culture. (hey... I wasn't the best student, but I think I know the differentce!)
Barb needs a record contract...now. (bet you didn't know that I could sing! ...neither did I.)
Then the hose Barb needs to be unscrewed from the reg. (I beg your pardon?????)
Barb needs to give out whatever she is receiving. (I'm not even touching this one!)
Barb needs to mail a letter. (actually, I do!)
Barb Needs a Vacation (truer words have never been spoken.)
Barb needs as much help as possible. (OK, we're getting a little personal here!)
Barb needs to get a grip. (Why are we getting nasty?)
Barb needs to be able to work with both parts. (another one I'm not touching!)
Barb needs more catchup? (if you mean sleep, yes I do.)
Barb needs a movement. (hey!I had one already today.)

Apparently there's more that I need, but I can't take anymore.

What do you need?


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