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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Well, I don't know why I'm blogging today. I don't really have too much to share. ...but I'm bored, so here I am.

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We just got home from Church and everyone is off doing their own thing. We had a Sunday afternoon Musicale today, so we had to stay down in Toronto for lunch. The music was wonderful, but as always, not too many were in the congregation for it. We had the North York singing company. Man, can those kids sing! They were awesome.

I got to go and crop for the day yesterday. My friend, Joanne, had a crop at her Church for a fund raiser. It was a fun day. I didn't even get any calls. Not because they didn't try ... but because I couldn't get a signal on my phone in the basement. hahahaha.

Cameron has been such a social butterfly this week. He and his buddies have been meeting at the community pool each night to play "shark." He was at a birthday party yesterday (that he forgot to tell us about!) and today his buddy Tyson is over. I think I may take them down to the lake to skip stones or something. It's much to nice to stay inside.

I went Scrapbook shopping on Friday with Joanne and Michele. We hit two stores, spent a ton of money, and then went for lunch. We are busy trying to get our next retreat (which is in three weeks ... can't wait) together. I've got so much to do still for it.

Well, it's awfully quiet, so I'd better see where Cameron and Tyson are. Quiet does not equal good!


  1. I love lazy Sunday afternoons and evenings. Sunday mornings are busy, but the rest of the day is great. It's even better if we eat lunch at the Adult Rehabilitation Center because then I don't have to cook a big dinner!

    The ARC serves lunch to people from the three area corps after the various morning services. It's a nice time for good food and fellowship. It's an incredibly generous gesture from the ARC officers, as it doubles the amount of food they have to prepare and serve.

    Three cheers for lazy Sundays!!!

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  3. I went scrapbook shopping last weekend too. I can't wait for the scrapbooking weekend up at the lake. I don't get very many layouts done but I enjoy the socializing and the time away. I wonder if I will get much done this time around...


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