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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Easter

I can't believe that Easter is here already. This whole winter has just seemed to fly by ... probably because we really didn't have winter this year.

Today is absolutely gorgeous out. It's 20 degrees Celcius right now. ...and it's April! I hope it's like this all weekend. The weather man is calling for some rain, but as long as it's not cold I can live with it.

We have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow we have the Good Friday service at Church and then we will head to my sister's to have a small family get together there. There won't be many. We'll miss you guys! I really wish you were here. It's times like this that I miss you the most.

Saturday is for shopping and friends. Spencer is going paint balling for the first time with his buddies. He's really looking forward to it. When he gets home we will head down to our neighbours for the evening. We haven't been able to spend time with these friends all winter due to hockey and soccer, so I'm really happy that we will be able to spend the evening together.

Sunday morning we will be up and out very early. We have to be down in Toronto for the Sonrise service, followed by breakfast, and then Church. Then we need to whip out of there to get to Guelph to spend the afternoon with my in-laws.

I'm sure that Monday will be very quiet around here with everyone sleeping!

My sister Joanne has finally set up her Blog. FINALLY!! I've added a link to her's on mine so you can go and check her's out.

This week has been an interesting one. I scrapbook on Tuesdays with a group of ladies. A lot of us have been going for several years now. I always really enjoy going and spending time with this wonderful group of ladies. I consider each and every one of them very dear friends. Well, something came up this week that has made me feel that maybe it's time to move on. You know how sometimes you just come to that realization? It just might be time for a change.


  1. Easter is a busy and significant time of year for Christians all around the world. As I write, Christians in about half the world are already commemorating the day.

    The Adult Rehabilitation Center where I work is hosting the Good Friday service for three corps in the area. Our corps songsters are also on duty, so I have to play the piano either way (I'm the ARC pianist and the songster pianist). Having printed and copied the programs, I can guarantee it will be a great service.

    I don't know if Dave and the boys are doing any sunrise stuff on Sunday morning. I will play at the ARC service and then head over to the corps. I've seen the programs for both services (printed one of them) and they both will be worth attending.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Easter is a reflective time of the year. It is a time of new beginnings and change is all around us. Spring is in the air - a warm breeze, the smell of spring, the buds are blooming. I enjoy change. Change can be good - it can be rejuvenating.


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