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Thursday, December 22, 2005

They are done!

I put off starting the calendars that I do for the grandparents every year. I finally got around to starting them on Saturday night. In 5 days I completed 24 12 x 12 layouts! Whew! For the most part I'm happy with the way they turned out ... especially since I was whipping them out!

Now that that's done, I can wrap the presents (should do that while the kids are at school today, and clean the house. I'm almost ready for Christmas.

Last night we went to the school Christmas concert. OK, Holiday concert. Gotta be politcally correct!!!! It was so well done. The teachers really deserve a big pat on the back for working so hard to put it together. Spencer played in the Jazz Band and the Concert Band. What really bugs me is that every concert, parents get up and leave as soon as their child is finished. By the end of the concert the more than half the chairs are empty, when before it is standing room only. This is so rude. All the kids work so hard for their performance only to have people leaving. What are they teaching their kids, too! The principal asked everyone to stay for the whole concert and show all the students respect, but it didn't happen.

OK, off to wrap and clean.

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