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Monday, December 26, 2005

It's over!

That's what John said when he got up this morning. Christmas is over. I don't feel it's over yet. Today we are heading to my parents in London. Every year on Boxing Day we celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. In the past there have been so many people that we bring in two extra tables and spill out into the kitchen from the Dining Room. If everyone is there, there is at least 30 of us. I always look forward to it. Relaxing with my family. This year will be very different. There will be 12 of us. David (my oldest brother) and his family are in Fairfax VA and won't be up, Joanne and her husband have moved out to Calgary and her adult children are either working or out in Calgary with her. Cathy and Don are going to spend the day with Don's family, Stephen and Gayle and his family are out in Calgary now. That leaves Mike and Mel and their two boys (yeay! I don't have to share the new baby with anyone except my mom!), me and my family, Mom and Dad, and my brother Rick. It's going to be a very quiet day compared to what it normally is.

We are really going to miss you guys. I really wish you were all here.

Christmas started for me on the 23rd. Mom and Dad arrived that day in the afternoon. We went into Toronto with Cathy and Don, Mom and Dad, and all of us to see the Canadian Brass. It was a great concert.

John's parents arrived on the 24th. My mom and dad left to spend Christmas with Cathy. Christmas Eve was spent just watching my boys enjoy their Grandparents. I love watching them together. They really love them. Cameron sat down to play Checkers with Grandpa (using a Chess board). I had to run for the camera. These are the special times!

I love enjoying the tree after the kids are in bed on Christmas Eve. It's the calm before the storm. Very peaceful. I had to snap some pictures of the tree before Santa arrived. I forgot to take some pictures of what it looked like after the boys got up on Christmas morning.

The boys loved everything they got. As soon as the presents were opened and cleared up, they were gone. We hardly heard anything from them for the rest of the day. Everyone was happy and content. A perfect Christmas Day!


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas, Barbara. I love your pictures, especially that first one you posted. I hope you're enjoying the rest of your holidays.

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    So happy to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas with your family. Hope you had a wonderful visit with the gang in London.


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