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Friday, December 30, 2005

I just finished reading Barb's Blog and loved her list. So I'm stealing her idea.

Looking back and looking ahead:

Major events/happenings:
1. took the boys to Florida for the March break to spend time with Mom and Dad.
2. Brother Stephen and his family moved to Calgary :(
3. Sister Joanne and her husband Bruce moved to Calgary :(
4. Took the boys to Myrtle Beach for a fantastic week in the sun.
5. Got to go to CKU-A in Stamford, CT with some of my scrapping buddies.

1. That two of my siblings moved to Calgary.
2. Not spending more time with my brother Rick, who has Down's Syndrome.
3. Each time I lose my temper with the boys.
4. Not keeping up with friends that live far from us.
5. Not being able to say No.
6. Not advocating for my son enough.

New things I've done:
1. Started a blog
2. started taking photography classes at Sheridan College
3. Joined a parent support group for people with kids with Non-verbal learning disorder.

Passionate about:
1. My Faith
2. educating others about Non-verbal Learning Disorder
3. Scrapbooking
4. My husband and boys
5. music

Too much/many:
1. junk food
2. Time spent online
3. wasted time
4. money spent on Scrapbooking
5. time spent running kids here there and everywhere.

Wishes for 2006:
1. More excersize
2. Better eating habbits
3. A trip to Calgary in the summer.
4. More time spent with John
5. That Matt is able to make some strides socially and make some friends; for him to be more accepted by his peers; for less anxiety for him.
6. To make home a soft place for everyone to fall.

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  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Great list. I wish you success and a happy New Year full of peace.


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