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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's Back-to-school time! Last night I went out to Staples with the supply lists in hand from the school.
Here's what we had to buy:
3 rulers
packages of blue, black and red pens
packages of pencils (guess who has to sharpen them!)
3 pkgs of pencil crayons (I was smart and bought ones already sharpened!)
glue sticks
3 white out tape
pkgs of lined, blank, and graph paper
2 calculators (we were fortunately able to locate one from last year)
3 combination locks
2 scissors
2 geometry sets
3 pencil cases
11 binders
8 duotangs
pks of page dividers
1 personal dictionary
2 backpacks

Grand total of $200 for 3 boys

I still need to buy 3 boxes of Klenex (yes, that's right, Klenex)
washable fine tipped black markers
Magic Markers (gotta first figure out what the heck these are!)
4 tennis balls (I beleive these are for the legs of the chairs so they don't scrape on the floor

And then there's new shoes and clothes that I haven't even thought about buying yet!


  1. Hey Barb! Magic Markers are like Sharpies...and YES! It IS the most wonderful time of the year!!!

  2. Wow! So much to buy, so little time!

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