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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Oh Canada!

Happy Canada Day. I am a proud Canadian. I love my country and what we stand for. Canadians are seen as less patriotic than our American counterparts, but I beleive that we are every bit as proud of our country, we are just quieter in our demonstration of our pride.

What I really love about my country is the diversity of the people. There are so many different cultures all co-existing happily together and appreciating each other's differences. We are a nation that can't be defined by one colour or one culture and we celebrate that. It is a country where people can come to and be accepted for who they are and not be expected to give anything up. It's a country filled with opportunities for everyone.

Last year on Canada Day we went to Canada's Wonderland to see the fireworks. It was a fantastic night. The fireworks were spectacular, but what really left an impact on me was that after the fireworks were over they played the Canadian National Anthem. No one moved to leave the park. Everyone stood quietly to their feet and sang "Oh Canada". There we were, thousands of people, all from different races and cultures, united together in this wonderful country, proudly singing our national anthem. Afterwards there was an exuberant round of applause and cheering that seemed to last an eternity. Then the crowd started to leave the park, but there was an incredible hush. I know that everyone was feeling the same as I was - deep pride and patriotism for our wonderful country.

Happy Canada day everyone!

Happy Canada Day to all.

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