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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

And so it starts!

Who ever said that the summertime was supposed to be more relaxing??? Not so. At least not for me in July. This month is always the busiest of the summer months for me. We spent the long weekend at the trailer, which is always fun, but I don't like to just sit so I spend the whole time puttering around. Fortunately, this weekend there was a lot to putter with.

Saturday we had a family get together for my family. We all met at a Provincial Park for the day. It was a bitter sweet day for me as I love to be with my family, but I have a sister who is moving shortly out to Calgary, Alberta. It was the last time that I'll see her before she moves. I'm really going to miss her. I told her that she had to start BLOGging when she gets out there so I don't feel like she's gone!

Yesterday, I went back up to the same Provincial Park with the boys to spend the day with my brother and his family. They, too, are moving to Calgary. (somewhat of a coincidence that both my brother and my sister move out around the same time.) While it was hard to say goodbye to my sister, it was even harder to say goodbye to my brother. He has small children who I will no longer get to see grow and be a part of their everyday lives. I know that I will get the chance to see more of my sister as she will be coming back to Ontario occasionally, but my brother and his family won't be able to make that trip back, so the goodbye seemed more permanent. What really surprised me were the tears that my boys had after we left the park. My oldest just kept saying "but were going to see them next summer."

The rest of this month is going to be a busy one for me. Friday is the start of a week long Music Camp that I do every year with my boys. I'm a councellor in one of the cabins while my boys (well, only the youngest now as the older ones are too old) are campers. It's a very fun week, but an exhausting one. Then, for the two weeks after that we go on vacation. So, my BLOG will be neglected until August or September.

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