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Friday, June 24, 2005


I have been having fun wandering around some BLOGS of other people and I came across this quote.
"Quit telling God how big your mountain is and start telling your mountain how big your God is."
I came upon this on a day when I particularily needed to read it. It feels like lately we've had our plate full of challenges that we've had to deal with, and over the past few days everything has come to a head. I've done a great job at moaning, groaning, and feeling sorry for myself ... and I've done just that ... tell God just
how big my mountain is, and I've told him often.

After reading this quote, I began to look at it all differently. Rather than moaning, and waiting for God to move the mountain, I've started to look at it and say My God is much bigger than any mountain that is put in my path. It also goes along with what my buddy Dr. Phil says. You can't always change the circumstances but you can change the way that you look at those circumstances and the way you respond to them. Now, my mountain doesn't appear to be as big because I know how big my God is!

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  1. wow! that is an awesome quote! very inspiring.. thanks so much for posting it.


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