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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ahhhhh! Tuesday!

I love Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I get to go and play with my friends. We call ourselves The Lunch Bunch. Every week we all get together at our local scrapbook store, Cherished Scrapbooks. In fact, it's where we all met each other. There we work on our albums, shop, laugh, eat, chat, and just enjoy each other. What started as a small group of three of us, has grown to a group of over 15. Some have had to give up their Tuesdays to work, but still remain part of this wonderful group who share so much together.

This is a few of the ladies of the Lunch Bunch. 11 of us were able to go to Provo, Utah last year to attend CKU.

I love Tuesdays so much that I schedule all my appoinments around it.
This is my playground every Tuesday.

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