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Saturday, October 08, 2016

My Scrapbook Nerd Design Team Reveal

Hi there everyone. 
This week I've been playing along with Shimelle's Go Now Go collection.  I have a lot of travel photos and I've been buying tons of different travel collections as I'm working on a big trip album.  I have to say that the Go Now Go collection has been a refreshing change to work with.  I love the brighter colours, and the inclusion of some of the primary colours. It really makes it more versatile for a variety of pictures, and seasons.

Project One: Off the Beaten Track

For this project I stuck with the more primary colours of the collection. Most of my travel photos are not of sunny Caribbean-type colours, so I'm loving the versatility of Go Now Go. Even though it's travel, it is also great for other types of projects as well.

Project Two : Mackinac Island

This project was used in the tutorial for this week on how to make twine flowers as an embellishment.
The rest of the page came together very quickly by just sticking with the embellishments from the collection.

Project Three: Let's Go Explore

My final project is also from our travels this summer in Thunder Bay. I'm a fairly simple scrapbooker and I like to let the photos shine.  I found that all I needed to do was add a few of the ephemera bits and chipboard pieces and I was done.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my projects.  Be sure to stop by the Scrapbook Nerd Store to have a look at this collection!

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