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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Making Twine Flowers - a Tutorial

Hello Everyone.  This week I've been playing with the Shimelle Go Now Go collection and sharing my projects on Scrapbook Nerd.

Today, I'm sharing a quick little tutorial on making some twine flowers as an embellishment for your page.

What you need:

Circle Punch (or something to make small circles with)



Punch, or cut out small circles in the desired size of the flower.  Keep in mind when deciding on size that these circles are the centre part of the flower.


Apply some adhesive to one side of the circle. The first time I did this, I tried it with glue dots, but my glue dots were too small to keep the twine in place, so I used my ATG adhesive and covered the entire surface.


Start Attach one end of the twine to the adhesive side of your circle. Create a loop going outwards and attach the other end of the loop to the adhesive side of your circle. Don't cut the twine.


Continue making loops, attaching them to the circle as you go, making the loops different sizes, until your circle is filled and your "pedals" surround your circle.
Once my circle was filled, I places another cardstock circle, the same size, on top to help keep the twine in place.


Cover your second circle with adhesive.


Place the end of the twine in the center of the circle, and start wrapping around and around until you get to the outer edge.


Once you get to the outer edge of the circle, cut the twine and tuck in the end piece where it won't be seen. Now they are ready for a project. Enjoy!

I used my twine flowers on one of my Design Team projects.  I love the look of them, and how quickly they come together!

Thank you for checking out my tutorial today. If you make any twine flowers, be sure to share them with us on the Scrapbook Nerd Instagram, Facebook Page, or in our Forums.




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