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Monday, June 01, 2015

The Hostel

Have you ever stayed in a hostel before?  I hadn't!  I had lots of pre-conceived notions about what a hostel would be like - filled with young people sleeping in dorm style rooms, shared bathrooms, and no real community spaces.  When we were looking for a place to stay in Venice, we left it rather late (three weeks before our trip) and so we had little choices.  We could either stay outside of Venice, or pay $1000 and up a night to stay right in Venice.  Neither of these were a great option for us. 

During my searches, the Generator Hostel kept coming up.  Out of desperation, I started looking at it.  I saw that they had a family room that would accommodate all of us - and for a very reasonable rate. Since the location was great, we decided to book it.

Well, both John and I were very pleasantly surprised by the Generator when we got there! There were a lot of younger people, but there were also some who were a little older (although I'm pretty sure we were the old people!)

The hostel has a very young, and hip vibe to it.  Here's an excerpt from their website:

Gen Venice is a beautiful converted grain house sitting on the waterfront of the Giudecca. The property exudes true Venetian charm and a twist of modernity; with pristine Fantini mosaic flooring, elegant Rubelli textile curtains, a Murano glass clown chandelier hanging gallantly from the ceiling and a homey stone fireplace reminiscent of 16th century Palladio craftsmanship. You’re just 5 minutes away from Piazza San Marco- bask in a hub of ancient history at the drawing room of Europe. Go rustic with a stylish attic room or go for a shared room with views of the sea.

The location, for us, was perfect!  It sits right across the river from San Marco.  The water bus stop was a 30 second walk from the front door, and 5 minutes later we were right in Venice. It was so easy to just pop back to our room to change clothes or to drop things off.

I didn't get great pics of the inside of the communal areas, so I've grabbed some pics from the Generator Website.

 Our room consisted of two bunk beds and then a single.  We had our own shower and bathroom. The ceilings were very high which gave it the feeling of being in a loft.

The best part?  The view from our window!!


  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    We've already reserved our hotels for our trip to Italy this fall, including one in Venice. That hostel looks amazing. Dave and I may have to re-think the hostel thing. I think our notion is much the same as yours was. And, the view from your room was something to kill for.

    1. Evie, They had some double rooms, too, that would have been perfect for a couple. We won't shy away from hostels in the future.


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