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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Right now we are here

Waiting for this

to take us here

Where we will make a

Which will take us here

Where tomorrow we will board this

To sail around this

Where we will get to do lots of this

And lots of this

And have lots of this

After a week of all of that we will spend the following week here

And have lots more of this

Before returning here

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  1. Enjoy every minute of the journey and the arrival!

  2. Cool post. Remember the sun screen :) and have fun in the sun.

  3. Have a good time Barb!!

  4. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Have a great holiday Barb.

  5. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Love your blog & post. Have a wonderful time with your family Barb and treasure every moment!! Linda

  6. Great post - have a blast :)

  7. Hop you are having a fabulous time! I am so enjoying England!


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